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Welcome to Relax in Our New Lake Spa

The Lake Spa will give you a new kind of Finnish lake wellness experience. The spa is built in the middle of the natural rocks and the large windows are overlooking Lake Saimaa. In the middle of the spa you can find the heart of the lake - a secret cave the shape of the heart. The building itself will be hidden under the forest terrain, which amplifies Järvisydän’s original atmosphere. 

Book your wellbeing lessons! 


Aerial Yoga and Aerial Pilates are both relaxing lessons and will develop your body control. The training will be done party inside the hammock and party on the floor, with the help of the silk. The lessons will give you more strenght to the abdominal muscles and develops to control your body, as well as opens the muscle rigidity. BOOK AERIAL YOGA FROM HERE and AERIAL PILATES FROM HERE.

Relaxing Hatha yoga is suitable also for the beginners. A goal is to reach the connection to your body, peace to your mind and lot's of new energy. BOOK HATHA YOGA FROM HERE.

Pool gym is an effective exercise, because the water gives an extra resistance for your workout. Water gives also support to your body and that’s why exercise is soft for your muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons. BOOK THE LESSON FROM HERE.

Relaxation made by the Yoga Nidra exersize. While relaxing you might even reach deep state of relaxation – almost like sleeping, but you’ll still be awake. The exersize will help you the forget the stress and the tensions of the mind and muscles. Only on request.

This yoga lesson will consist slow and long asanas, relaxation and breathe exersizes. The asanas will be made with our yoga leacher and by listening your own body. Only on request.

SUP Jooga is a great way to relax in the middle of lake nature. It’s also an effective fitness class, which improves muscle strength, co-ordination, balance and mobility. Come and try something completely new and challenge your whole body!

SUP Cross SUP Cross-training gives variety to basic stand-up paddle boarding and challenges you to an extremely efficient workout in a stunning setting. This popular class is suitable for anyone looking for a challenge. It consists of a warm-up, a technique exercise and a 10–15 minute training programme, where selected and varied exercises are repeated as many times as possible. Simple but efficient!


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