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The Tepee Restaurant Savon Loitsu is situated in the midst spruce forest not far away from the other services of our resort. By open fire, our chef will serve game dishes with delicious accompaniments. In the candlelight, with the chef entertaining the guests, food tastes better than ever. By the open fire of the Tepee, the group can be welcomed with some drinks from a steaming pot or with coffee made over the fire and sweet pastries. The restaurant is well suited for groups of size of 50 people. Restaurant works only by arrangement. 

Example Menu of Restaurant Savon Loitsu

Wild Boar Menu

Mushroom-vegetable soup, bread and spread
Main course
Wild boar stew, grated potatoes, sweet cabbage-vegetable pie
Side orders: variety of salads, lingonberry jam, pickled cucumbers
Pancakes, berry jam, whipped cream

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